September 21, 2011

Latest Quilt

I made a baby quilt for my boss who is expecting a little boy in November. 
I really love the colors and patterns that went into this quilt!
 I diagram all of my quilts before I start sewing. 
 Piecing it together...
 After basting the quilt top and the batting to the back of the quilt
 Close up of the fabric. 
 Back of the quilt with Jordan's name embroidered in it. 
Finished quilt!
 Jordan Robert : "For the one who descends to be bright"
 Yay! Mommy with quilt!
Quilt in the nursery! 

I absolutely love making quilts. There is so much math, color coordinating, measuring, charting, and 'mindless' sewing involved. It is one way that I de-stress. 
I can't wait to see pictures of baby Jordan with the quilt!

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