September 1, 2011

DIY Magazine Bowl

I have been so inspired recently by lots of DIY crafts. I think I will tackle a new one each week!
If you want endless hours of inspiration go to:

First Project - Paper Bowl: 

-Paper Cutter (or mad folding and ripping skills)
-Hot Glue Gun
-Modge Podge

 1. You need to gather a few magazines. 

2. With a paper cutter or precise folding, cut the paper long ways 8 times. (They should be 1 inch wide)

 3. Fold the strip in half

 4. Open the fold and then fold each side in towards the middle crease.

 5. Then fold it all in half. 

6. This is where it gets extremely tedious, start hot gluing a strip of paper into a coil. 

7. Continue for a few hours, slowly adding more and more strips of paper

8. This is what I currently have. 
I will post a follow up blog to show you how to finish the bowl! (Once I find a few extra hours in my day!)

Other things I hope to make:
1. Glass Tile pendants

2. Scrabble Tile Pendant

3. Twine Lanterns

4. Button Letters

5. Scrap fabric art

6. Mason Jar Herb Garden

7. Wreath

to name a few....

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