September 27, 2011

Branch art

I love crafts. 
I love crafts even more when my husband is excited to do them with me :)
We decided to create branch art:

1. Get some yarn and hemp. Optional: You can also use ribbon to hang your finished art.
2. Gather some sticks
3. Break the branches into smaller, even pieces
4. You will need to make a donut shape base. We made this one out of a thin piece of wood but you could use cardboard as well.
5. Trace two circles to form a donut. 
6. Cut the shape out.
Michael used a jigsaw, but if you used cardboard scissors should work fine. 
7. Start wrapping the base with string or hemp
8. You will need to cover all the wood/cardboard. You can add hemp or other string for texture.
9. Hot glue the branches to the base. 
10. Hang it up and ta da! art :)

Our inspiration came from a door wreath but it turned into a huge piece of art. 

To make it for the front door, use a small base and short branches. The base should be the size of a salad plate and the branches around 2 feet. 
Happy crafting!!

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