August 23, 2011

Pillow DIY

So this guy likes this girl so much... that he decided to make her a pillow.

For those of you that need a starter DIY, here you go. It does not get more simple than this!

1. Find a pillow and measure it
(This pillow was $1 at Goodwill).

This one is 14 inches by 14 inches.

2. Cut out a square of fabric the same size as the pillow, this will be the front of your pillow case.

3. Then cut out 2 pieces that are about 4 inches smaller in width- so I cut out two 14 X 10 inch pieces. This is the back of the pillow.

4. *optional* For those of you who want to be extra creative, create your own design with scrap fabric on the front panel.

For those of you that want to keep it simple, just find some fabric with a cute pattern on it!

Here is Tyler's design:

 He created the Nashville/Seattle Skyline.


Sew the design to the front panel.

5. Hem the length of each of the back panels.

6. Lay the back panels on top of the front panel with front sides touching. The back panels should overlap by about 5 inches.

7. Sew all four sides together (I marked in yellow where you should sew)

8. Flip inside out and stuff the pillow.

Ta Da! A new pillow.

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