August 19, 2011

Handy Man

Michael never ceases to amaze me.
I am the crafty one in the house. I have a room designated to crafty things. I love to quilt, paint, draw, create, and everything DIY. Well Michael decided that he wanted to make a few things as well.

1. I found this picture on

Michael craigslisted "free pallets" and whipped together a couch for our new house:
With some arm rests and new pillows, it really worked out! I also love having the storage underneath for things like our cookbooks and magazines.

2. We needed a big dining room table so we could entertain big groups of people (We love to cook). Michael decided to tear down his families old tree house and reuse the wood:

After hours of sanding and a few coats of stain, we got:
He also made a matching bench so we could fit even more people around the table.

3. After hours of slaving away in the sun he painted our entire house and added cute shutters:
What would I do without my handyman??

4. My latest project... another scrap quilt!
I really wanted a quilt that was just simple squares. Funny how after all the quilts I made I don't have a single block quilt!

I love our new home and actual space to make things!


  1. Yeah I was really impressed with his creations. He's so great

  2. Your quilt is so stinkin cute
    and I love the shutters.