August 3, 2010

First Two Months

I decided that because I am young, crafty and a newlywed, I should give blogging a shot.
The first two months of marriage have been packed full of adventures and projects:

1. It all started off with the world cup. 30 days straight of soccer games and vuvuzleas and handmade t-shirt

2. It was so monumental that we decided to get a rabbit and name him Donovan
(after the US soccer player)
3. We are having the best time cooking and using all of our wedding gifts. We both feel that a recipe that requires all of our new appliances it will be an excellent meal.

(Our first attempt at homemade mushroom ravioli)

4. Michael is making a pipe out of a block of wood

5. I decided to get into jewelry using wire and glass beads. We even bought a butane torch to help with the welding process.

6. FABRIC FABRIC FABRIC! I was inspired to make a quilt. I did not have a pattern, an expert or experience. My friend and I just went for it using incredible fabrics found on etsy! (amy butler, heather ross, denyse schmidt, etc)
I will put more pictures up once I finish the quilt!